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Anna|Italy|'90 line

I'm a fan of Korean and Japanese culture and music.

On my blog you'll find the spazz of a fangirl and the rants of a grumpy girl. Please enjoy and have fun ~

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leeception whispered:
puahahahahahaaha omg your tag killed me!! #he's such a flirt but get no V PUHAHAHAAHAHA

IT’S TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE XD IT’S HOW IT IS because he wants the d in the end u.u

Junho ft. what is personal space w/girl and what are Hottest feels

GO CRAZY! Party Ver. + Foam

Genie: Album Jacket Making (x)

ehehe so cute

bi rain



Peach John x Sailor Moon
Princess Serenity, Black Lady, School Uniforms, all 10 Senshi

Mir - Men’s Health & Sure Magazine

Woobin for Sieg


140915 MATO Castle (After Party) Jongup 1


I just died.